Services for Individuals & Families

Services for Individuals and Families

Legal services offered based on family relationships include I-130 Petitions for immediate relatives specifically a spouse, children and parents as well as I-129F Petitions for a fiancé or K-3 temporary visas for a spouse seeking to adjust status to permanent resident in the United States. Edward R. White P.C. has assisted clients and their relatives manage the application processes at USCIS, National Visa Center and consulates around the world, and represented clients at adjustment interviews in Field Offices throughout New England as well as New York City, Newark, Chicago and San Francisco. Ed White counsels clients on one-step filing strategy, whether to consular process or adjust status in the U.S., the pros and cons of a K-1 fiancé petition versus I-130, K-3 visa options, and assistance with I-601 waivers when needed for a ground of inadmissibility such as a criminal conviction, prior immigration violation or 3/10 year bar. He also represents clients in citizenship matters including the N-400 application process and at the USCIS Field Office interview.

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